TerraColor NextGen Imagery

TerraColor NextGen is the next generation of our product line built from new (2013-2018) satellite imagery at a spatial resolution of 15 meters per pixel. NextGen products are seamless true color mosaics of multiple Landsat 8 satellite scenes that have been carefully processed and balanced to provide top quality color and contrast. Recent imagery can be critically important for many applications, and NextGen provides an up-to-date medium resolution base map of the entire globe. Our product also provides a perfect complement to high resolution imagery by delivering a consistent, regional view of larger areas.

checkmark100% True Color - Processed using satellite bands corresponding to the same wavelengths of light to which the human eye is sensitive, NextGen colors look truly realistic. True color also provides an excellent match to high resolution imagery base maps that are usually also created in this manner.

checkmarkNearly Cloud-Free - With less than 0.5% cloud cover globally, NextGen offers clear views of the earth. We have worked hard to reduce clouds, even in difficult areas with chronic cloud cover such as Alaska's Aleutian Islands and the southern tip of South America.

checkmarkHigh Positional Accuracy - Imagery from the Landsat 8 satellite as processed by the USGS, from which NextGen is built, has been documented to have a very good positional accuracy. (A 12-meter geometric error in CE90, i.e., 90% of the pixels are less than 12 meters from their actual earth locations.)

checkmarkSeamless and Consistent - We have carefully mosaicked and color balanced 1000's of Landsat 8 images to create a seamless view of the entire planet. We have also optimized the image contrast to maximize information content and make features easier to distinguish.

checkmarkOcean Mask and Fill - Using our proprietary variable-density ocean mask, we fill ocean areas with a blue ocean color to remove clouds and ice and provide a clean look. Use of our mask creates a smooth transition between the imagery and fill with no hard edges, and we can also use it to fill in bathymetric color shaded relief images or any other color or image.

checkmarkCustomization - Would you like the imagery with brightness adjustments, with a different ocean fill, resampled to a different resolution, color matched to other imagery or other modifications? We can do that, often at no additional charge.

Slide to view the NextGen global coverage with different types of ocean fill

Flight simulator image using NextGen imagery of Northern Territory, Australia
(courtesy Gibson Sceneries)

Flight Simulator Image

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Started in 1995, Earthstar Geographics has assembled a wide range of experience and knowledge in satellite remote sensing and related technologies. We have created some of the world's best images of our beautiful planet, with special attention to remote areas such as islands, deserts and polar caps that are often glossed over by others. We are proud to offer reduced pricing to qualified educational and non-profit clients.