TerraColor NextGen Product Specifications

  • Source data: Landsat 8 satellite imagery (and now Landsat 9)
  • Bands used: Landsat 8/9 bands 4,3,2 (true color) plus band 8 for pan-sharpening
  • Imagery date range: 2014-2020 (contact us for details)
  • Datum: WGS84
  • Map Projection: Geographic (Lat Long) with units of decimal degrees (dd)
  • X spatial resolution: 0.0001388 dd (~15 meters at the equator)
  • Y spatial resolution: 0.0001388 dd (~15 meters at the equator)
  • Positional accuracy: 12 meter circular error, 90% confidence globally
  • Imagery extents: Complete global coverage, with lower resolution imagery at the polar caps (85-90 N and S) where Landsat 8 coverage is not available
  • Image formats: Uncompressed GeoTIFF RGB, Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) compressed RGB, or lossless compressed JPEG2000 RGB
  • For frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page

Need Updates?

With the addition of the new Landsat 9 satellite to complement Landsat 8, we now have access to even more current, high quality imagery. We can refresh areas with brand new Landsat 8/9 imagery, often at no additional fee. Let us know what you need and we can explore the options.


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