TerraColor NextGen Imagery

TerraColor NextGen is a seamless, true color satellite imagery map of the entire planet sampled at a spatial resolution of 15 meters-per-pixel. The product is created from 1000's Landsat 8 satellite scenes that have been carefully processed and balanced to provide top quality color and contrast. NextGen offers an up-to-date medium resolution base map of the entire globe, and provides a perfect complement to high resolution imagery by delivering a consistent, regional view of larger areas. For more detailed information, visit our Specifications or FAQ  pages.

"For those who have seen the earth from space, and for the hundreds perhaps
thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective.
The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which
divide us."

- Donald Williams, US astronaut

checkmark100% True Color - Processed using satellite bands corresponding to the same wavelengths of light to which the human eye is sensitive (called "true color"), NextGen provides truly realistic views of the earth. In contrast to other products created with artificial colors, NextGen provides an excellent color match to high resolution true color imagery base maps.

checkmarkNearly Cloud-Free - With less than 0.5% cloud cover globally, NextGen offers clear, haze-free views of the earth. We have worked hard to reduce clouds and atmospheric haze, even in difficult areas with chronic cloud cover such as equatorial tropical rain forests, Alaska's Aleutian Islands and the southern tip of South America.


checkmark15-Meter ResolutionNextGen's spatial resolution of 15 meters per pixel is perfect for viewing the earth from global scales all the way down to 1:60,00 map scale. You can clearly see land use, urbanized areas, freeways, agricultural areas, rivers, coral reefs, and much more.


checkmarkSeamless and ConsistentWe have carefully mosaicked and color balanced 1000's of Landsat 8 images to create a seamless view of the entire planet. We have also optimized the image contrast globally to maximize information content and make features easier to distinguish.


checkmarkReady to Use - Using our proprietary variable-density ocean mask, we remove clouds, ice and image edges from ocean areas to provide a clean, finished map-like look. The imagery is ready to use off-the-shelf for any application and requires no additional work or editing.

checkmarkCustomizable - We can customize NextGen to meet nearly any requirement, from custom bathymetric ocean fills to brightness adjustments to different map projections. Contact us with your requirements - we can often customize the imagery at no additional charge.

Slide to view the NextGen global coverage with different types of ocean fill

Flight simulator image using NextGen imagery of Northern Territory, Australia
(courtesy Gibson Sceneries)

Flight Simulator Image

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