TerraColor 2000 Imagery

TerraColor 2000 is our legacy product built primarily from Landsat 7 satellite imagery from the 1999-2003 time frame. We continue to offer 2000 to our client base as a low cost alternative to TerraColor NextGen for applications where up-to-date imagery and true color is not required. With the release of NextGen, we now offer significant discounts on the previous pricing of TerraColor 2000.

Even though it is comprised of older imagery, 2000 is still a very high quality product, and continues to be used by some renowned web mapping companies. The evolution of TerraColor 2000 over a period of years gave us insight into what our clients were requesting, and those features were put into TerraColor NextGen from day one.

TerraColor 2000 was first released in 2005, and was one of the first 15-meter resolution global satellite imagery products on the market. Like most of these first products, 2000 was developed from public domain false color mosaics of Landsat bands 7, 4, and 2 created by Earthsat (now MDA/Maxar) for a NASA contract. We used our own algorithms to transform the false color images into "simulated natural color" that looks more like (but is not the same as) true earth colors. In this way, 2000 is very different than TerraColor NextGen, which is 100% true color.

In contrast to most of our competitors, we continued to develop and enhance TerraColor 2000 by using alternate Landsat 7 scenes to clear up cloudy areas, replace many tropical areas with true color imagery, and development and use of a high quality ocean mask. For example, in 2009 TerraColor 2000 became the first commercial product to map the entire extent of Australia's Great Barrier Reef at 15-meter resolution in true color.

TerraColor 2000 as the global satellite imagery base layer in Microsoft's Bing Maps

TerraColor 2000 used in CNN's video coverage of Malaysia Airlines flight 370

(courtesy CNN.com)

TerraColor 2000 used in the western US Great Basin Solid Terrain Model


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