Download TerraColor® Sample Images

Sample TerraColor images of several areas of the world in various formats can be downloaded using the
links below. All samples are cast in the Geographic projection and WGS84 datum. Each zipped file
conains the image, a World file and a metadata text file.

TC NextGen Sample Images Download links (zipped files)
Baghdad, Iraq
GeoTIFF format (46MB)

JPEG2000 format (18.6MB)

Pyongyang, North Korea
GeoTIFF format (62.2MB)

JPEG2000 format (28.4MB)

Tokyo, Japan
GeoTIFF format (38.6MB)

JPEG2000 format (20MB)

San Francisco Bay, US
GeoTIFF format (30.8MB)

JPEG2000 format (15.1MB)

Oslo, Norway
GeoTIFF format (35.5MB)

JPEG2000 format (17.7MB)

Madrid, Spain
GeoTIFF format (47.3MB)

JPEG2000 format (21.8MB)


TC Global Sample Images Download links (zipped files)
San Francisco Bay, CA, USA
ECW format - JPEG2000 format - GeoTIFF format
Baghdad, Iraq
ECW format - JPEG2000 format - GeoTIFF format
Sydney, Australia
ECW format - JPEG2000 format - GeoTIFF format


The samples below are in KML/KMZ format and can be opened directly in Google Earth.
Depending on network speed, the data may a few seconds to load before the image appears.

KMZ Sample Images Download link
Hong Kong, China 15-meter (9MB)
Open from web
Isla Grande de Chloe, Chile 15-meter (9MB)
Open from web
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 15-meter (15MB)
Open from web
Svalbard, Norway 150-meter (22MB)
Open from web
Great Barrier Reef, Australia 150-meter (2.8MB)
Open from web

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