TerraColor® Satellite Images of Earth

TerraColor NextGen complete global coverage now available! Website updates coming soon...

At Earthstar Geographics, we provide satellite imagery content for a wide variety of industries and applications. We are proud to announce the next generation of our product line - TerraColor NextGen. Along with our legacy TerraColor Global product, we provide affordable, high quality satellite images with seamless global coverage of the earth at 15-meter spatial resolution. Whether you need an image of a large urban area, a province, a country, a continent, or the entire planet, TerraColor is your off-the-shelf solution.

TerraColor NextGen Features (click here for details):

  • New Landsat 8 satellite imagery (2013-2018)
  • 100% true color, pan-sharpened 15-meter imagery
  • Seamless, color balanced mosaics ready-to-use off the shelf
  • Optimized contrast to maximize information content
  • Ocean mask with blue ocean fill for a clean look
  • Complete global coverage (new version of Antarctica coming early 2019)

TerraColor Global is our older legacy product that has been used for years by many of the world's leading web mapping content providers. With the release of our new TerraColor NextGen product, Global is now available at greatly reduced pricing for applications where recent imagery is not required (click here for details).

Our clients use TerraColor imagery for a wide range of applications, including web-based mapping, GPS tracking, scientific research, natural resource exploration, military/defense logistics, flight simulation, 3-D visualization, television, print and film images, and many others. Using our specialized processing techniques, we have created some of the world's best images of remote areas (such as polar islands) and cloud-plagued areas (such as equatorial countries). We build custom mosaics to order using any Landsat 8 band combination, and we offer reduced pricing to non-profit and educational clients.